Ten excellent brands of Bluetooth gamepad

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My cell phone is Iphone, and iPad and other IOS systems. How do I connect the handle?

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1:The apple system has jailbreak and can support various Icade protocol emulators. For example: the Grand Theft Auto Saint Andreas NOVA series, FIFA series, the best racing series, wild drag racing 8, etc.

2:IOS system does not escape from prison currently supports more than 40 IOS games based on Icade manipulation protocol: compatible game downloads: access to iTunes to search for "iCade" in the App Store, the vast majority of games can be compatible with the handle, such as Gunman Clive, Helium Boy, League Helium 2 Ght Free Stardash, Temple the Run and so on.

3:Connection mode: first, set the apple mobile phone as the English input method, then open the mobile Bluetooth, and then open the handle: first hold the B button and then press the HOME handle light flash, and the ipega media gamepad point is connected.)

How many modes are there in the handle connection? How are each mode connected?
What kind of mobile phone does the Ipega Bluetooth gamepad support?

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