Ten excellent brands of Bluetooth gamepad

Brand policy

Fine management, all process production

Ipega production base has passed the ISO9001:2008 international quality control system certification and ISO14001:2004 environmental system certification. The factory production line implements the 7S field management. The product standard refers to the 6 Sigma management standard. At the same time, ipega will take the lead in the introduction of intelligent robot production in the field of gamepad production.

International quality system certification


Ipega is one of the first export brands in Europe and America as a game peripherals. This is the affirmation and approval of the global gamers on the quality of the ipega Bluetooth game handle, as well as the embodiment of ipega's twenty year technology accumulation.

Overall handle solution

Ipega based on strong technology, production, supply chain, management and operation advantages, to provide a comprehensive three-dimensional integrated supply chain as a whole solution. Technical services, spare parts procurement and production, whole machine assembly and production, quality control, quality control, warehousing, logistics and after-sale service.

Full range of products

Many years of Seiko meticulous research and development, Bluetooth game handle, including more than 30 products, for all kinds of popular games, phenomenal hand tour specializes in the development of personalized game handle. Fully meet the needs of multi platform game players such as smart phone / tablet PC / smart TV set top box /PC computer and so on.

Focus on the acme game experience

Ipega is committed to continuous innovation through technology, so that the ultimate gaming experience will shine in every player's mind. Since its establishment for twenty years, we have always adhered to the values of realizing and practicing the unity of knowledge and practice with good faith, and regarded honesty and credibility as the core productivity and cornerstone of enterprise development.

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