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Ipega Bluetooth gamepad and FIFA football world to compete in the world cup

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FIFA World Cup official sports tour "FIFA football world" has been released by numerous fans, this strong enthusiasm in the game without deleting file reservation is the most intuitive. The data show that the total number of players who make an appointment to "FIFA soccer world" mobile games will exceed 12 million.

The FIFA football world is a competitive phone game of football subject by the EA research and development and the Tencent agent. Players can use the information of real football stars and club leagues authorized by FIFA in the world of FIFA football. The game pioneered real-time PVP play to achieve cross system friend to war.
In the early game world, FIFA football world has prepared a more intimate novice training camp to teach players to experience every step of the game. It includes how to shoot accurately, pass the ball to the teammates, how to accurately pass the air to the air, how to defend, how to keep the door, how to use the rocker to move the ball, how to sprint, and how to shoot.

Train of thought for the formation of a team
1. It is necessary to have a centre forward who can hold the ball and a shadow striker with excellent assisting ability and excellent running ability.
2. The avant-garde must have good defense and good physical strength.
3. The three midfielders can choose an active player in the middle of the line. It is possible to choose an offensive middle avant-garde on the front, and the two back sides should be balanced. The ability to pass and defend must be excellent.
4. The centre back requires a certain speed and is very demanding for the centre back.
The thinking of attack
The two side avant-garde focused on each side attack, or personal break through, or with other avant-garde teammates and forward teammates to form a side attack. The other three Chinese avant-garde should carry out a bold attack on their opponents in accordance with pre competition division, organization, insertion, long shot or transfer coordination.
Defensive thinking
Midfielder defense: the midfielder in the middle or on the side of the defense to prevent the opponent through the midfield forward, resist the enemy in the back field, so that the opponent is very difficult to step out of the pool, in order to increase the security of the back court and increase the oppression of the opponent.
Back court defense: once the opponent attacks the rear field, two side guards are responsible for the side defense, become the 5-3-2 formation, the two guards are responsible for the marking of the opponent forward, the other rear guard is responsible for the front of the town, and the two side routes are kept at any time. The three midfield players should be clear about their personal duties according to the division of labor before the game, such as marking, attacking and shooting.

As a professional team, the formation of the 11 members on the court has a lot of attention. Players can choose parallel or offensive formation according to their game habits and type of players, and match the positions of goalkeeper, left front, forward and right front.
Technology is only one of the essential qualities of every player. In the game, it needs a good game hardware. The ipega Bluetooth game handle is a perfect button mapping, a wide field of vision, so that pass, walk, and shoot. The fast man is racing with the stars to compete in the world cup.

Ipega is committed to continuous innovation through technology, so that the ultimate gaming experience will shine in every player's mind. Since its establishment for twenty years, we have always adhered to the values of sincerity, knowledge, practice and practice, and the core productivity and cornerstone of the development of enterprises.
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