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ChinaJoy is the perfect ending: the ipega gamepad shines

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        The 16th China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (2018ChinaJoy) came to a close in Shanghai. In the past four days, the number of visitors has increased by 354,500, an increase of 11,800 from last year, a record high. Among them, the number of visitors on a single day on August 4 reached 133,900, which was the highest in ChinaJoy's single-day admissions.


        ChinaJoy's scale can be described as a star-studded group. Nearly 100 well-known Chinese and foreign technology companies such as Jingdong, Xiaomi, Tencent and Ali participated in the show.

ChinaJoy site

ChinaJoy site

        However, I believe that the most exciting thing for the players is the showgirl on CJ. As the most beautiful scenery of CJ, showgirl is like ChinaJoy. It is like a female fan in the World Cup. They are the beautiful scenery in the game show. It is also in this hot summer. It can cool off the heat.

ChinaJoy site

        In this four days of enthusiasm, ipega shines in the audience and ends in perfection. The ipega gamepad has enjoyed a high reputation and reputation in the field of gaming peripherals. At this ChinaJoy exhibition, there are many customers who come here and express great cooperation intentions towards ipega.


        At the ChinaJoy show, we unveiled a variety of new gamepads, attracting the attention of many game enthusiasts, and the gamepads of ipega have set off a lot of enthusiasm.

ipega gamepad

        As the leader of gaming peripherals, ipega staff provides customers with a detailed introduction to the ipega gamepad. To provide customers with a better gaming experience, and to obtain the unanimous recognition of the audience, to provide customers with better, faster, higher quality pre-sales, after-sales and professional technology and other comprehensive services, has been ipega's persistent pursuit.

ChinaJoy gamepad

        The ipega gamepad has attracted the attention and love of many younger brothers and sisters. Although the weather is so hot, it still fails to block everyone's interest. This time, the ipega gamepad is one of the focuses of ChinaJoy.

ChinaJoy ipega gamepad sceneChinaJoy game controller scene

ChinaJoy ipega game controller scene

        In the field of gaming peripherals, ipega has always insisted on providing users with a high level of gaming experience with superior product performance. Ipega will work hard to bring you more professional gaming peripherals to reward the long-standing support of loyal players. I hope that everyone can stay with us and witness our growth and excitement!

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